Working Safely with Bales

Baled hay - safety on the farm

An excellent guide to working safely with bales on the farm is available from the HSA. In their information sheet, the HSA explains that twelve people were killed when working with bales on Irish farms between 2012 and 2014. With baled silage now made on over two-thirds of all farms in Ireland, knowing the correct…

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Training in Construction

Cranes over a building site at sunset

The latest advice from the HSA The HSA has an excellent online guide called Training in Construction. This details the “legal requirement for all workers at construction sites to have completed Safe Pass Training, and for operators of certain mobile plant to hold the relevant CSCS training accreditation.” Agriculture to Transportation While the page gives…

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Health in the Construction Industry

Construction worker wearing safety reflective clothing, writing on clipboard

A useful summary of the main considerations According to a recent article in the injury rate in construction is the highest of all industries. They added: “this sector continues to occupy a high degree of attention from the HSA because of the increasing level of activity in the construction industry.” Guidelines and precautions The…

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