Health in the Construction Industry

A useful summary of the main considerations

Construction worker wearing safety reflective clothing, writing on clipboard

According to a recent article in the injury rate in construction is the highest of all industries. They added: “this sector continues to occupy a high degree of attention from the HSA because of the increasing level of activity in the construction industry.”

Guidelines and precautions

The article goes on to detail the guidelines aimed at preventing accidents on construction projects, detailing how guidelines are in place for areas such as earthworks, explosives, transportation and securing loads.

Additionally, they give a helpful list of common-sense precautions to take when working on a site, including:

  • Never carry anyone on a vehicle not designed to do so
  • Inspect a roof before walking upon it.
  • Wear protective clothes when told to do soThe employer’s responsibility
  • A legal requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Section 20.

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