Exclusive Safety Offer for FCI Members

The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland Member Exclusive Safety Statement Offer

Emerald Health and Safety has partnered with FCI—The Association of Farm and Forestry Contractors in Ireland— to provide their members with our low-cost health and safety packages.

FCI members can now avail of a €100 discount against the cost of a tailored Safety Statement from Emerald Health & Safety, normally costing €599 + VAT. FCI members can avail of this valuable service for just €499 + VAT.

Emerald Health and Safety provides professional low-cost Health & Safety packages, for small businesses to comply with national Health and Safety Authority (HSA) regulations and insurance obligations. Working closely with FCI, Emerald Health & Safety consultants have created a low-cost and practical Health & Safety package that is tailored to meet the compliance needs of all Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland.

The Health & Safety package includes a leather-bound portfolio containing your unique Health & Safety documentation (Safety Statement, Risk Assessments, Health & Safety templates, etc) and a subscription to an interactive mobile App (iOS or Android) that allows easy and instant access to all health and safety documentation through your smart phone.

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Are you compliant with health and safety requirements?

Do you know if you or your employees’ training qualifications are in date?

Do you know that your insurance requires health & safety compliance?

Do you have the time to manage your health & safety portfolio?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should call Emerald Health & Safety without delay.

When placing an order please quote your FCI Membership Number from your Membership Card.

For further information about FCI, visit their website.

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